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Welcome to


   Luke's Place London

Luke's Place with

St. Luke's Worshipping Community


Serving our neighbourhood and the Western University Community

Together we can make a difference
in God's world!

We welcome all children of God and are an open and inclusive community

Pride flag.jpg

We know students need a place to hang out with friends, 

have a cup of coffee, relax, play games and have fun!

Join us every Thursday

during the Fall and Winter terms

beginning at 7 pm


For more information check out our Events page

Lukes place coffee house logo.png
Lukes place coffee house logo.png

Luke's Place Coffee House

Who are We?

Luke's Place seeks to serve the students of Western University as an off-campus outreach to a demographic rarely seen in churches today. 


Our goal is to create a space where students in the neighbourhood can have a safe and inclusive environment to experience and participate in the common good, and help make a difference in the world. 

Students can explore faith, experience the Holy, and feel valued as the person God created them to be while at Luke's Place.

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