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Houseplants to Seniors Outreach


“Growing things are a

symbol of how life continues,
through tragedy and into hope”

--Murray Hunter

What a perfect sentiment to encapsulate our hope for the end of this pandemic. The Julia Hunter Fund is gearing up to deliver house plants to seniors who otherwise have been cut off from nature.


Currently the Julia Hunter Fund has pledged $500 for 20 plants to go to Grandwood Park, a Revera residence community. Partnering with St Luke’s Worshipping Community and Luke’s Place, a previous beneficiary of the fund, we are hoping to receive donations for even more plants.

Each plant will be accompanied by a decorated note, addressed to each senior who will have selected a plant from a choice of two. St. Luke’s hopes to receive responses and maybe even some photos from the seniors with their new green buddies.

You can sponsor a plant for $25. 

You can make a donation on the London Community Foundation website, making sure to choose the 'Julia Hunter Fund' in the 'Fund' box and type 'Grandwood Park Plants for Seniors' in the 'Message' box on the Donation Form.


To donate now please click here
Thank you for your support!


Luke's Place Coffeehouse Escape Room Edition

Join us at 8pm March 25th for some virtual escape rooms - themed after Harry Potter and Disney!!

Join via Zoom Meeting

Luke's Place

Coffee House

St. Patrick's Day


To join us via Zoom Thursday March 18th

beginning at 8 pm:


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Luke's Place Virtual Coffee House

To join us via Zoom Thursday March 4th

beginning at 8 pm:


World Day of Prayer 2021

Vanuatu: Build a Strong Foundation

Ecumenical Worship Service

2 pm

March 5th 2021

Service written by the World Day of Prayer Committee of Vanuatu...Prepared and adapted for use in Canada by the Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada

Hosted by

St. Luke's Worshipping Community

on Zoom


Please join us - everyone is welcome

To Join Click Here

  • Artisans and High Tea
    Time is TBD
    Luke's Place
    Due to COVID-19 the 2020 event has been cancelled. Please join us in 2021! Come and see all the unique items from Artisans in the London area and enjoy a wonderful High Tea Lunch for $15! Door Prizes to be won!

Join us in 2021!