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Dare to be an Advocate for Change 

We pray with our Indigenous brothers and sisters that together, we dare to continue to transform our communities and country as we work towards eradicating racial injustice in our society. We pray for the end to racial injustices in our communities and country that we dare to be advocates for change, continue to have compassion for each other, and continue to work towards reconciliation. Lord, Hear our Prayer.

We dare to be advocates for change. Below are some resources from the Anglican Church of Canada to help you become an informed advocate for change.

Truth and Reconciliation resources

Indigenous ministries

A Charter for Racial Justice in the Anglican Church of Canada

The diocese of Huron also has resources for our community to understand what it means to have compassion for each other, and how that compassion can eradicate racial injustices. 

Settler to Sojourner: The Creative and Moral Imagination - By Rev. Rosalyn Kantlaht’ant Elm 

"Rev. Rosalyn Kantlaht’ant Elm has shared a way to walk together inspired by Isaiah 40: 25-31, to respond to our calling and build a relationship of justice with truth-telling." - Diocese of Huron website

Bishop Todd’s message – On racism and the “Doctrine of Discovery”

Red heart with the words "Touching the Heart of God" inside

As we begin a new academic year, remember you are a person of great value! 

Your friends at Luke's Place are praying for you. You've got this!


Here are a couple of prayers you might find speak to your soul in moments of delight and in moments of challenge...


The Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

- Author Reinhold Niebuhr

Prayer of Blessing

God, the Creator, grant you the grace to see yourself as God made you.

God of Love, grant you the grace to value yourself as God values you.

God of Life, grant you the grace to dream God's purpose for you, and the courage to live that purpose from the depth of your being.

And the blessing of God, Creator, Lover and Giver of Life be with you now and always. Amen.


Archbishop Linda's Challenge: From Alpha to Omega - In a Year!

Let's read the Bible in one year. Let's read it every day!

The Bible is at the heart of our faith, writes Archbishop Linda in her message while challenging us to join her in an effort to read the entire biblical text in one year.

 "As we begin a new calendar year I pray that we will commit to reading the Bible − the whole Bible!"

Join Bishop Linda in reading the Bible in ONE year. Use THE BIBLE CHALLENGE as an outline: thebiblechallenge.org

The website posts the scriptures daily and contains study guides for each book of the Bible.

Weekly Scripture Reading: A Resource

A resource from Wycliffe College to accompany our weekly Scripture readings.


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The Artisans and High Tea event will return when Covid-19 restrictions permit. Watch our Events page for details as they become available. Thank you all for your support.