St. Luke's Worshipping Community 

Please join us each Sunday morning at 11 am for Worship led by
Rev. Matt Martin and Music Director Matthew Pope, PhD. 


Worship on-line through Zoom

To join us on Zoom, click here for the link, order of service and how to get help with Zoom Worship! 

Worship with us in-person

To reserve a place please call or send us a text message to the number below between Monday and Friday of the week prior to the

Sunday you would like to attend.




In-Person Worship Requirements 

  •  Everyone is required to wear a mask, and we will provide medical grade masks to wear during worship, to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

  • We have hand sanitizer available upon your arrival and encourage everyone to use it.

  • Everyone will be screened as they arrive.

  • An offering plate will be available at the back of the church for your convenience

  • We will not be sharing prayer books, instead you will find a bulletin on your seat. We encourage you to recycle the bulletin at the end of the service. 

  • Our choral scholars will be at a safe distance and wearing masks for singers; congregational singing will be permitted as regulations allow.

  • The peace will be sharing by bowing and waving to your neighbours. Please do not leave your assigned seat during the peace.  

  • At Eucharist, only the bread will be received. Eucharist will be received at the back of the church, please follow the directions of the greeters and in your bulletin.    

  • We ask that you leave promptly after the service  


Click here to complete COVID-19 self-screening

If you have any questions or concerns about in-person worship, please contact us.

Worshipping Resources

Diocese of Huron

The St. Luke's Worshipping Community is part of the Diocese of Huron. You can learn more about the Diocese and find up to date information on their website.